I specialise in helping people with conquering many bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, gambling, cyber addictions and phobias.

I have experience in treating anxiety, managing anger and working with couples. I am a fully qualified counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist with more than ten years of experience.

My three and five session programs are also available at discounted price. Every session lasts 60 to 90 minutes. These are individually designed for every client taking in consideration the kind of addiction, age or area of concern. 

I also provide online counselling as a response to concerns about COVID. During these online sessions we can discuss everything but this is more of a diagnosis first, and then we move on to counselling. It is cheaper but I don’t recommend to go online for the whole process, as I do want you to see the positive results after three to five sessions.

Hypnosis is integrated in almost every counselling session. This comprehensive approach may look easy, but only a well-trained practitioner can achieve the positive and lasting results. That’s why the results surprise many of my clients.

Another methodology I often use with some clients, is the Energetic Hypnosis which is also a very powerful therapeutic approach. 

Area of expertise


Alcohol addiction

Quit smoking

Grief and loss 

Past life regression 



Relationships/Couple Counselling

Family Violence (Working with Victim Survivors and Perpetrators) 

Anger management

Sport performance e.g. Golfers’ bad habits