East Melbourne Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Sessions:

First session (diagnostic consultation) is free. 

Integrated Therapy

Hypnosis is integrated in these counselling session. The results are always faster with hypnosis, especially if you want to quit smoking, loose or gain weight, quit gambling and relief from stress. You will be able to see the results in three to maximum five sessions. Sometimes even one session is enough. 


I can help you with problems like coping with stress, anxiety and depression, loneliness, drug and alcohol abuse and addictions, relationship and family issues. 

Online Counselling & Hypnotherapy

I also provide online counselling and hypnotherapy as a response to concerns about COVID-19 pandemic and we continue the online sessions. During these online sessions we discuss everything and then we move on to counselling.

Online hypnotherapy is the silver-lining of moving our services online due to covid. You just need a smart phone and a Zoom or Google Duo.

Please check our prices in the booking page. You can also call us for confidential conversation.