I specialise in helping people combat smoking, drinking and gambling or tackle problems such as anxiety, anger, depression, and couple issues. I am a Counsellor also a Clinical Hypnotherapist with more than ten years of experience and a unique methodology.

East Melbourne Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Peter Jankowski

Diploma of Professional Counselling 

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy 

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis

Cert IV Training & Assessment 

RTO Inspire Education

Cert in Energetic Hypnosis 

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis

Member of Australian Counsellors Association

Member of The Alliance for Gambling Reform

I walk with you through a range of therapies, including clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and counselling.

I am providing a safe, confidential, comfortable and non-judgemental space. I listen to you and tailor our customised therapy plans specifically for your individual needs.

If you need help to deal with depression, anxiety, anger, problems such as gambling (pokies, casino or horse racing), smoking, computer games, alcohol and some eating disorders, you came to the right place. 

I will help you leave these problems behind, heal from your pain and reach your goals. I will be with you to change your life and will not share any information with Medicare. So, book an appointment.

The first session (diagnostic consultation) is free. 

East Melbourne Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy doesn’t keep or provide records for Medicare and our prices compete with bulk-build.