Why we are bigger than our grandparents in same age?

For many decades people try to lose excess weight in order to look good, feel good or simply become more attractive. 

 When we feel more energetic, more confident than we do when we leave our gym, the happy hormones kick in. We then send very different energy to the world. Not mentioning the more confident way we walk or run faster up the stairs which is always noticed. This is happening on the subconscious level.

In other words, only fifty years ago (not 500) we did most things by hand. So, let’s now look and compare what we did then and what we do today and how that may affect our overall health. Just to try to understand where all that weight comes from.

Washing clothes (by hand)                      Washing Machine
Carpet cleaning (using carpet beater)                 Vacuum cleaner 
Meals (healthy cooked at home)  Processed fast food (sugar and chem)
Veggies (grow collect & weeding)                            Shop ready (packed with pesticides) 
Washing dishes (by hand)   Dishwasher
Shopping (carry walking home)                             Driving car 
Clothes (sawing dress for special occasions)Shop ready (VISA)
Entertainment – cinema (weekly 2 hours)            Netflix (daily 5 hours)  

So, we eat more, we do less and we expect to stay slim.

There is an epidemic of anxiety in today’s world and it comes from feeling less than perfect or not living up to someone else’s expectations.

The way we feel about ourselves these days can be scary. We seem to be less confident than our parents and grandparents. Why? Because we want to be perfect. But what we do when we realise that we are not even close?  We fall into depression and start to eat for comfort, drink or gamble just to make ourselves feel better. 

Does comfort food make us feel comfortable? 

Comfort food phenomenon (in my opinion) originates in early childhood. We trained our parents to feed us when we cry. The first question every mother asks when her child is crying is this – Is my baby hungry?

That’s right. Food makes us feel good, and many of us never grow up and treat food as a reward. Sounds familiar?  

We are what we eat 

Perhaps it is time to realise that our eating habits affect us much more than most of us think.  I don’t even want to start on diseases that derive from obesity etc.

Limiting how much we eat and what kind of food we consume is not that hard. Most people need just a little help. 

That’s where the hypnosis helps us. 

Most of overeating habits are psychologically based, such as anxiety, stress, depression or grieve. All those can be treated using counselling combined with hypnosis.  

Again, it’s not years of talking to psychologists, but weeks of comprehensive treatment combined with hypnosis and few directions you will need to follow. 

Eliminating unhealthy foods or even alcohol (which is packed with sugar) is very much possible.

So, if you eat for comfort, or you’re addicted to sugar, why don’t you make that call?

You deserve to feel good about yourself, don’t you?