Alcohol – Cutting Back Drinking

Let’s clarify some urban myths regarding limiting the consumption of alcohol.

Firstly, can a person who drinks almost every day cut back on the number of drinks they usually consume? 

And is it a good idea or just a waste of time? 

The answer is – of course they can, and they should, but…

Oh, yea. That “but “thing again. Let’s look at it.  

Cutting back on any substance such as nicotine, alcohol, cannabis or sugar, is a great idea. It gives the body needed break.

However, statistically it is usually just a temporary fix at best. 

Most researches show (not to mention my numerous attempts to cut back when I used to drink) that a person who consumes an addictive substance daily and cuts it back, will sooner rather than later return to the previous levels and sometimes goes even further than that.  

Dependency on a given substance in the brain doesn’t change at all just because we consume less. 

Such change has a very positive effect on the body, which usually needs a break, but the state of feeling healthier and stronger is almost always temporary.  

The sad fact is all that joy lasts only a short time once we decide to drink or smoke less because the need for the familiar substance returns.

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The familiar feeling of being healthier again is excellent as our heart beats more regularly, blood pressure goes down and suddenly we feel a bit happier and more confident because the alcohol is a strong depressant.

So, even sharing that newly found excitement with all your friends eventually wears off, and it does that sooner than you think.

When you manage to cut back drinking in half, eventually comes a day 

when you decide to have that one extra drink because you feel confident. And why not?  You finally conquered the monster and now you are in control of your drinking. 

You feel that you can do it. So, now after a few days or weeks, you may celebrate a little. Everyone deserves the small reward now and then, so you can have that one extra glass.  And as you guessed, things go downhill from here. 

Of course, some people with strong willpower can stop drinking on their own and hats off to them. However last time I looked; they represent very small part of the population.

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Please don’t misunderstand me.

I’m not saying; do not cut back on alcohol intake or any other addictive substance. Please do so by all means. You will be giving your liver, heart and brain a needed break.  

Remember however that reducing intake of any substance might result in hunger for more substance later on. 

Most importantly, don’t expect the permanent change from doing it unless you are within the small group I mentioned earlier. 

Every AA member knows well how it works, and I support that view:

The person who truly wants to stop drinking for good, has to stop drinking all together.

The common signs of addiction are:  headaches, feeling depressed & angry at the world around you, feeling impatient, frequent arguments with family and friends, poor concentration, believe that you need to escape to some better place, or believing in conspiracies. 

Family violence, poor sex life or road rage, which often leads to fights, huge legal costs and criminal records, will make your life much harder than it is.  

My methods work pretty well for most people because I treat the complete mind. Conscious, subconscious and unconscious. I don’t blame or make people feel the guilt of any kind.  

I never told any client, “You should stop drinking” because they know it already. 

I will teach you how to help yourself using your own resources and stop the addiction you have.

The treatment is rapid and if you’re serious about giving up, it is for good.

Your life will change as a result, and you need to be ready for that change too. 

Please remember: 

I don’t treat alcoholics 

I treat people who happen to have alcohol addiction.